Saturday, March 6, 2010

1971 Malta Troop

4 New Air Portable Landrovers were collected from Donnington and driven to Stonehouse Bks.
A new Air Portable Medium Girder Bridge was also collected, to be trialled.

HMS Bulwark, loaded with 42 Cdo RM & 2 Troop RE, plus the Landrovers and new Bridge, sailed for Cyprus.

Whilst sailing in the Med, towards Malta, a flash message was received, "The Maltese Prime Minister - Dom Mintoff, did not require British Troops anymore, having a good offer from the Libyans".
HMS Bulwark was refused permission to dock and sailed away - just over the horizon, to wait.
The RAF and Families were asked to leave and did.
Only a Detachment of the 'The Rifles' remained, as Rear Guard.

A Troop of Marines, plus 2 Troop were flown off Bulwark by helicopter, landing un-announced on LUCA Airfield, during the early hours.
2 Troop were tasked with mining the airfield and dug-in around the Airfield Barracks., whilst the Marines put a cordon around the Airfield.
The British Government then negotiated with Prime Minister Mintoff, stating that Malta had nothing of importance to interest Libya.
Stalemate ended.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Troop Roll Call - Falklands

Adrian Hicks - Troopy
Eddie Garwood - S/Sgt
Geordie Thompson - Sgt
Tam Brown - Section Cmd
Joe Laverick - Section Cmd
Bob Parker - Section Cmd
Steven Ashford
Stephen Bradley
Gary Conlin
Simon Currie
Danny Daniels
Jeff Garraway
Goosey Ghandi
Roy Gillon
Dave Gordon
Barry Heap
Leigh Heap
Stan Howarth
Jeff Kamester
Danny McGeechan
Ginge McGinnis
John Maher
Tim Millar
Molly Morrison
Nobby Nolan
Wayne Northam
Dan Newbold
Gaz Platts
Harry Reddick
Pete Rowlands
Bruce Ruddick
Liam Wakeman
Phil Warren
Kevin Williams
Dave Wright

REME Cpl - Harris?

Help required:
Names missing from Roll Call.
Ranks to Names.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where was this picture taken and what year?
Names in Photo?